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Daniel Schär
Simplonstr. 50
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CMS bafkalender
Programming and technical support:
Daniel Schär, IT-Support
Simplonstr. 50
2540 Grenchen

 is a multilingual multi-section content management system in PHP and MySQLi. Access to the sections can be individually assigned for each user by the administrator. So far, I have created three applications for this CMS:

-bafreservation - reservations-platform for car-sharing or similar things. You can try this out at

-bafclubmeet - registration list for regular meetings. This has been used by my volleyball club for more than a decade, without ever causing any problems.

registration list for regular meetings

-bafblog - backend administration for this blog.

bafkalender uses the
 form-validator by

Original BAF stamp handcrafted by Patrick Germanier
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