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My cool rainbow-colored link-overlay-icon for Windows

Links with custom overlay-icon
I never liked the look of the Windows link-arrow very much, so I started making my own overlay-icons, ending up with a rainbow-colored corner. The download also contains a blank icon and instructions on how to get your custom link-overlay-icon.
The main reason to make my own overlay-icons was the Windows-arrow covering so much of the icon, which was especially annoying for my "jukebox", using links with record-covers (or other pictures) as icons. As the icon is superimposed in reduced size on large symbols, only solutions for the lower left corner will work. My little collection also includes an older grey version, and a blank icon (which actually has a gray pixel at the lower left corner, as a completely transparent icon might display as a black square). To create these icons I have been using a free version of icofx.

Link Overlay Icons
Overlay-icons, displayed in various sizes
To install the first of these icons (LO_colors.ico) as link-overlay-icon on your Windows-computer, simply download the zip-file, unzip it to C:\OverlayIcon, double-click the file LinkOverlayIcon.reg (confirm security questions) and restart your computer. To use another icon, delete LinkOverlay.ico, duplicate the desired icon, rename the duplicate to LinkOverlay.ico (and restart your computer).
Download Link-Overlay-Icons

You can store your overlay-icons wherever you want (I don't recommend using protected folders like "Windows", "Programs" etc., as this might cause problems with security), and manually change the value in the registry:
-Run regedit (press the Window-Key+r, enter "regedit" and hit return)
-Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons

If the key "Shell Icons" doesn't exist, make it. (right click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer and choose new key)
Add a new key to the registry
Adding a new sub-key to the registry
-If there is no entry named "29" in the list on the right (there might be only "Standard"), make it (right click in the white area and choose new character-string).
-Double click the "29" and enter the path to your overlay-icon in double-quotes as value.

Value for link-overlay-icon
Icon 29 is the link-overlay-icon (compare with shell32.dll)

Of course, you can also modify LinkOverlayIcon.reg (make shure to use double backslashes in the path), to set the path to your icon.
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